You have the Midas Touch this Week!

Monday/Tuesday: Wow! After the past couple of weeks leading up to something big.. the KING OF EARTH is here with his Midas Touch! Does it seem like things are just working out? Stay confident and accepting of it! 🤲 You deserve all the blessings coming your way!
Wednesday/Thursday: Things are going great, so why do you feel stuck? Pay attention to your thoughts because the EGO card always pops up when your thoughts are getting negative. 😞 This feeling if entrapment is an illusion you are creating in your own mind. The only thing standing on your way is YOU! Let go of fears because they are not real! 😁
Friday-Sunday: Now that you have said Goodbye to the ego, say hello to an exciting LIFE EXPERIENCE 👋 This card came up last week too and this is all about breaking through and becoming aware of where changes need to be made. This is a good thing! You have to go through challenges in order to grow and learn. Be the best you can be and know that the possibilities are endless when you get out of your own way! Positive thoughts will lead to positive results! 💜