You can use the Violet Flame to Transform Negative Energy into Positive Energy!

Transmute, Transmute!

We all have times when we feel weighed down by negativity.  Feeling tired? Burdened? Do you feel “dis-ease” physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally? Have you been more negative lately? Complaining, worrying?

The violet flame is a brilliant flame of high-dimensional, sacred light.  It vibrates with infinite perfection, and the perfect balance between blue Masculine Divine Power, pink Feminine Divine love, and the golden white Pure Flame of the I AM Presence.

If you are ready to release the weight of negative, stagnant, blocked energy, this is a powerful tool that is easy to tap into.

You will feel so much lighter after you are able to transform and transmute this energy that is not in your highest good.

You can utilize this transformational violet flame energy every day.  It’s not about saying the exact words, it’s all about INTENTION.  Your intention in your heart to tune into this Divine energy will guide you to the Violet Flame.

A helpful tool I have found is to use a Violet Flame Mantra.  I printed it and framed it so I can get to it when I need to. After all these years I pretty much have it memorized, but don’t feel pressured to have exact words.

My favorite Violet Flame mantra:

Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire,
All causes and cores not of God’s Desire.
I AM a being of cause alone,
That cause is LOVE the sacred tone.

This is one that I have memorized and use to bring in the energy of the Violet Flame when I need it! You can say or do whatever resonates with you!

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