Solstice Gateway 2022 – Community Call with Kim Regnitz

“Community Support ~ Holographic Transformational Healing ~ Solstice Gateway, Virtual Group Call

SPECIAL OFFER $11 Community Call with Kim Regnitz, and Courtney Dayne
with the I AM Alchemy Team Collective and the Angelic Realm

REPLAY IS AVAILABLE NOW! (You will included in the Energy of this Event even if you listen after the fact)


Join us for this Special Event, Group Call where we will offering Transformational & Healing Support through Kim’s “I AM Alchemy Collective Team” & the “Angel readings” through Courtney (Amazing “Angel Intuitive”)! We will be taking your Live Calls, or Q&A etc, to offer Assistance that benefits us Gaia & the Collective!

With the intensity of the recent Eclipses, Schumann Resonance off the Chart, we could all use a Frequency Shift! As we are NOW in the Solstice Gateway, Kim will be offering several Processes, such as a Chakra Reboot, & a Unique Magical Holographic Activation toward the end of the Call! The focus of this call is to assist you with Greater Connection with your “I AM” Presence (Embodied ‘higher’ Self) as “Frequency”! This call may assist with transmuting old Traumas, Multidimensional/Ancestral etc, that your Physical Vehicle is purging as Accelerated Light Frequencies push these forth to be let go of, harmonized & integrated! We will be accessing the Quantum Field of Infinite Potential & Beyond as we Navigate the Portal of the Cosmic Heart (Scalar ~ Torsion Fields) to Accelerate a Shift in Frequency & Consciousness facilitated through your “I AM Presence”! Are you ready to step into your Authentic, Sovereign Power? Are you Ready to Align & Resonate with NEW EARTH Frequencies?

Hmmm! Dolphins are showing up right now in DROVES 😊

Whatever is going on in your Life, KNOW that a Magical Shift is Possible! The Calls & the questions we take, are with the Intent of a Collective Focus! 

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