Booking Your Intuitive Session is easy!

I now have an online booking system where you can book your day and time. All sessions are done online or on your phone via ZOOM  (super easy app to download on computer or phone).

NOTE: You DO NOT have to show yourself on video during the session. This is an audio-only session.

Setting up Your Session

Use the booking tool below to setup your session.

Once you submit your request, it goes into pending status and I will confirm within 24 hours. You will need to enter your credit card during booking, but your card is not charged until the day of your session. I will enter any discounts on my end when the card is charged.

Once I confirm, I will send the link and information for your zoom call in a confirmation email.

Day of Your Session

On the morning of your session, your credit card will be charged. Please let me know if you need to cancel at least 6 hours before or there is a $5 cancellation charge.

The day/time of your session, click the link from the email and login to your session.

On my end I will say a quick intro and then we begin the session and go wherever the angels guide us. I always do an angel oracle card reading, and we will go through what comes up for you.

If you are unable to make the scheduled time or prefer to just get a session without talking directly, you can book the appointment and just don’t login to the zoom meeting. I will provide an MP3 copy of the session for you to view afterwards and a photo of your reading.

You do not need to be present for the angels to bring forth a powerful message!