Angel Wings (Choose Your Own Colors)


Unique Angel Wing Keepsakes, perfect for tealights, jewelry, stones, sand for smudging, and more!

When placing order, make sure to describe your color scheme in the notes.  I can use 1-3 colors per piece.  If there are any stones in the list that you  want, please mention them also.

*See full description below*


NOTE: Photos are for example only. Each Angel Wing is made unique for you. These are not pre-made. Please indicate on your order what color or colors you would like incorporated.

If you’re looking for a fun, colorful, sparkly way to connect with your angels, transmute negative energy, balance your chakras, and so much more, these Angel Wings are perfect! These custom pieces are made uniquely for you!

Each “Angel Wing Keepsake” is infused and integrated with a unique, high-frequency, angelic vibration. The intention set for each piece will shift and transform based on the person and situation.  This unique frequency is set to adjust to the highest good and needs of each individual.

No matter what the need, this precious Keepsake will quickly transform and transmute negativity, worry, fear, anxiety, and anything else unmentioned that is not of the white light of God’s Pure Love. You will be surrounded by God and the angels as you tap into the unique vibration in order to bring peace.

Each piece is also infused with some of the following stones / crystals, depending on what’s needed.

  • Amethyst (protection, cleansing, inner peace, wisdom, enhanced intuition)
  • Clear Quartz (manifesting, amplifying)
  • Rose Quartz (love, trust, emotional healing)
  • Peridot (positivity, abundance, creation)
  • Fluorite (clarity, focus)
  • Black Onyx (protection, transmuting negative energy)
  • Black Tourmaline (protection, cleansing, transmuting dense energy)
  • Shungite (detox, EMF protection, balance, grounding)

Each piece is uniquely made using some or all of the the stones/crystals above (tiny size).