Looking for guidance? Are you losing hope and need answers? Unsure of what the next steps are? Looking for love or wondering if you are in the right relationship? Is your career for you or do you have another life purpose?

If you need some reassurance or a gentle hug from the angels, just ask.  I offer multiple readings depending on your needs–quick simple answers, in-depth guidance, and custom readings using a variety of decks. I work with High-Frequency, Angelic energy to bring you clear, honest guidance from YOUR angelic team. Contact me today, and I will give you an honest, accurate reading full of love!

Working with High Frequency, Angelic energy does not mean you will always hear the answer that you wish or expect. All of the Angels/Guides/Elementals/Ascended Masters and other Divine energies that are assisting us, are only providing the answers that are in your highest good to receive.  I pray before and during each session that the Angelic beings surround the reading and guide the cards to tell you what you need to know.  I stay neutral with my thoughts and let the Angels show you clues that will in turn allow your personal intuition to receive the answers you seek.

I treat everyone’s questions as if they are my own and in complete confidentiality. I clear the deck of any residual energy before each reading for a fresh perspective into your situation.

For your personal Oracle card reading, here’s how it works:

  1. Browse through the available readings to see what catches your eye. Often this can be a subtle clue to what the Angels want you to know.  For some readings, you can choose a custom deck or let me choose one for you.
  2. Go to “Start Reading”, choose your Reading, and ADD TO CART.
  3. If you have a SPECIFIC QUESTION you want to ask, you can input your question or situation into the “Order Notes” section when you get to the CHECKOUT. Note: If you do not put in a specific question, I will ask the Angels to guide me to what you need to know at this moment. (If you realize after that you forgot to ask the questions, please email me ASAP at harmoniousangels@gmail.com with your Order number and your questions/comments, etc.)
  4. In the CHECKOUT, you can log in to your account, start a new account, and/or Enter any COUPON CODES you may have.
  5. Finalize and complete your order.
  6. You will receive a receipt from PayPal once the order is placed.
  7. You will also receive an order confirmation email from Harmonious Angels.
  8. Within 1-7 days of your purchase, you will receive a private YouTube link with your reading that you can view as many times as you’d like! Trust in Divine timing that you will receive the reading at the exact time that is RIGHT for you!

*For Actual Client*
Romance Angels Deck for a Healing Hearts Relationship Spread