(LISTEN NOW) “Holding our High Frequency” while witnessing a World in Chaos – Community Call with Kim Regnitz

“Holding Our Frequency While Witnessing a World In Chaos”

“Gifted” (Free) Community Call with Kim Regnitz, and Courtney Dayne with the I AM Alchemy Team Collective and the Angelic Realm

REPLAY IS AVAILABLE NOW! (You will included in the Energy of this Event even if you listen after the fact)

Are you finding yourself getting a bit “weary” these days with all of the releases from the Earth the and many crazy changes/unrests we are witnessing? You are not Alone! Join Kim and her I AM Alchemy Collective Team with Angel Intuitive Courtney Dayne for a Gifted Transformative and Supportive Community Call. Our Highest Intent for this call is to offer Beautiful Powerful Downloads, and Energy Transmissions, along with Recalibration and upgrades to your Energy Field, like a Breath of Fresh Air, a RESET with new “Wind in your Sails”!

This may bring in additional Power and Support for you to “STAY the COURSE! Kim will be offering several High Frequency Experiential Group Activations and Re-calibrations as Guided through her I AM Alchemy Team. You will also want to stay until the End where we will finish with a Zero Point/Quantum Holographic Transformational Activation/ Journey. (Please no driving during this call)

This Gifted call is all about Co-Creating and offering Support and Healing for the Collective Consciousness! Where you are planted you Emanate LIGHT! Perhaps, if you are guided to participate, your Light will RADIATE even more bringing Healing and Transformation to Gaia! YOU ARE NEEDED RIGHT NOW LIGHT

We also plan to take your Live Questions and offer mini Processes within the “Service to Others” Intent for the the Collective! What is ready to shift for you? Join us, The I AM Alchemy Team and the Angels to find out! Sending you Blessings from the Crystallines, Dolphins/Whales, Star Nations, Ascended Master/ Angelic Realm, and the “many” Beings of Light through the “I AM” Frequency! The Call is Free; however, you do have to Register on KimRegnitz.com


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