Being inspired to create these is a blessing, as it combines two of my favorite things – angels and essential oils!  Each blend was uniquely designed and inspired by the harmonious energy of these amazing Archangels!

Use daily to connect, transmute, and live your angel magic!

Pick a blend based on a certain need, or if you are drawn to a particular Archangel, color, or name. Your heart will speak to you to let you know which one you need!

Essential oils are uplifting, and can help you come into alignment mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Each blend was made with an intention that is unique to Harmonious Angels, bringing together the high-frequencies of the angelic realm and the magnificence of the I AM presence within. The intention of every roll-on is set to change based on the individual needs of each person.

All of the blends are grounding and calming. They just each have their own imprint from an Archangel with special oils that, when put together, will enlighten, uplift, and bring you back into alignment with gratitude and love.

Comes in a cute roll-on bottle to make it easy to roll on your wrists and neck.