The Angels want you to hear these!

The day and time don’t matter! These are meant for anyone, at anytime who is guided to receive these angelic, I AM frequencies. You can listen to them over and over as needed to shift energies that are not congruent.

Sliding Into the Heart Space

Take a trip down a magical slide and learn how to transmute the stuck energy that’s holding you back from your true Divine Mission.

Be Your Angelic Self

The Legions of Light bring a powerful, loving message to transmute what doesn’t serve you and step into your Beautiful, Angelic self!

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“Angelic Frequency of Your Divine Magnificence” Mp3

Join Harmonious Angels in this divine meditation that focuses on transmuting all that doesn’t serve you so you can stand firm in your MAGNIFICENCE! Tune into the Angelic Frequency of love and peace in this short journey to connect you with your angels. Perfect for “first-timers”.

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