Your Angel Message…

If you are reading this right now, you are on a divine mission! And guess what? You’re not alone! Your angels are always there ready and willing to connect with you!

Breathe deep, relax, and unwind while you listen to this angelic message that was channeled with intention, love and gratitude.

Harmonious Angels only works with the highest frequency, I AM presence, to guide you to the tools and gifts that are already WITHIN YOU!

Get ready to transform your life by gaining clarity and and increased LOVE vibration!

This unique energy will assist you in this process of awakening that you are already going through.  Let it guide you toward JOY!

LISTEN NOW!  These 12 minutes will have you tapping into your Angelic Blessings and you will allow yourself to RECEIVE good and let go of all that does not serve you.

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Angelic Frequency of Your Divine Magnificence

Angels of Light

Divine Spiritual Masters

Welcome to yourself tuning into the highest frequency of the magnificence of you.

If you are listening to this right now, it is because you have been called on a Divine mission.

A divine mission to awaken and acknowledge what is already within you.

Take a deep breath.

Breath in the glowing light of divinity and breathe out all that does not serve you at this time.

Things known and unknown.

People situations, anything that is not of the highest divine white light.

I want you to release on every exhale,

And on each inhale, you are going to breath in through your heart space.

All of the divinity, wisdom, love, strength, purity, peace, and magnificence that you desire and that you deserve.

Let yourself feel this glowing light inside of your heart space.

The color of the glowing light is going to change based on your needs at this time.

Notice the color that is your light. That is the color that you need right now surrounding you in your essence, in your aura.

Breathe out.

Breathing back in, breathing in all the love, all the love and again you are focusing on your heart space.

These breaths are coming in like a peaceful fresh air flowing into your body through your heart space.

Let yourself sit there for just a moment.

Now imagine that you are sitting next to a flowing body of water.

And as you take your fingertips as you are sitting next to this body of water.

Take your fingertips and dip them slightly into the water and create a ripple.

And this ripple goes out and out, multiple ripples overlapping each other to the edge of the bank on the other side.

And when these ripples hit the other side, they turn back around, and they ripple back to you.

This is the energy we are putting forth now.

As you dip your fingers into the possibilities of what is growing inside of you right now and what is ready to bloom.

As you dip your fingers in, into your love, into your passions into your desires.

It’s going to ripple out to the universe to reach every molecule of the universe.

And as it is touching each and every breath of the universe it is transmuting all that doesn’t serve you, all that is ready to let go, all that you no longer need in your space.

It is all being transmuted now.

Imagine the violet flame. A bonfire if you will. But the flame is glowing violet from bottom to top.

A glowing violet flame of transmutation.

It is going to bless and transform and transmute all that doesn’t serve you.

And as it ripples back to you, afger it’s transmuted it ripples back to you 10 fold with the magnificence and the positivity and the love and the blessings that you deserve.

And now I want you to put your hands in front of you as if you are to receive a gift.

Hold your hands out, close your eyes, and imagine…

Imagine what your gift box looks like. It’s whatever you imagine. Nothing is holding you back.

All possibilities are available to you now. What color is your box? What gemstones are lining your box? Is your box glowing? Is it made of gold? Is it made of silver? It’s all up to you.

It’s your box and it’s being placed into your hands now. Feel it. Feel the weight of it. Feel how it’s filled with all that you’ve ever dreamed of.

Feel the anticipation and gratitude just building within you like a volcano just ready to erupt that you can’t wait to open your box that you’ve been waiting to open for so long.

And now I want you to take your beautiful glorious box and I want you to just really be thankful for it. And when you’re ready, when you’re ready to feel and experience what is in this box for you, I want you to open it.

Take your time. Some of you might not be ready to open your box yet and that’s ok.

Just take some deep breaths, take deep breaths, continue to just inhale the good and exhale all that is not of the white light and that you do not need at this time.

Ok there we go. I’m so proud of all of you for opening your box and not being afraid. Because this energy, this divine magnificent energy that is within you is not made of fear.

It is only made of love.

And if you can bring yourself from your head space down to your heart space where everything is made of divine love.

That is where you make your decisions…

That is where you feel your divine guidance and your intuition, your inner knowing…

Trust the guidance that you receive.

And now it is time to receive your gift.

You’ve opened your box, and now it’s time to willing to receive your gifts.

Are you willing to receive these gifts laid before you?

Now that you are completely willing to accept and receive and bet thankful for these gifts they are exploding, they’re multiplying, out of this box.

I want you to feel the happiness, feel the joy, of having all that you’ve ever wanted and desired. Because it is flowing to you now.

Open your eyes, open your heart, feel the possibilities. Feel yourself awakening to the new and expanded and transmuted and transformed version of you.

Your angels surround you now.

Archangel Michael and the angels of protection, Raphael and the angels of healing surrounding you now.

Feel the wings wrapped around you.

Let it all go.

Let it all go.

And as you gather yourself, and as you feel this divine energy around you.

Give yourself a little shake, just shake it out.

Stretch if you feel you need to stretch. Stretch your legs.

Stretch your mind.

And just feel and release, accept and receive.

Feel and release, accept and receive.

Receive these gifts of love from your angels and from your Divine I AM team surrounding you now.

All of the magnificent energies that help to guide and build you each and every day.

God and the angels, the Divine Masters, your guardian angels, all the Archangels are surrounding you and are with you on this mission if you accept it.

Thank you, thank you for joining me on this journey. Be blessed. Be Blessed and be loved.


With love, light and gratitude,