There are different ways you can draw cards.  You can draw one card, three cards, or however many cards you want.  It’s just important to have intention for each card you’re drawing. There are a lot of different spread ideas or you can come up with your own. I can’t say it enough that it’s all about your INTENTION! Here are a few that I like that are easy to do at home!

One Card

The one-card reading is the easiest. You can hold the intention of what you are asking about and draw a card. Sometimes that is enough for what you need at the time. If you need more clarity, draw another card.

Three-Card Spread

The three-card reading is basic but gives more information that a simple one-card reading. This one you want to have a specific intention for the three cards.  The most common is from left to right to have #1 represent the Near Past leading up to the situation, #2 represents the Present Situation, and #3 represents the Near Future advice that will help this situation move forward.

Note: The Near Future is NOT psychic prediction energy. This is angelic energy based upon the current situation and the angels give you guidance that you can use as situations arise in the near future.

3-Card, Two-Deck Spread

If you happen to have two decks, you can get more information from lining one on top of the other and reading from left to right, the two decks will go together. Use the same intention as you would for a traditional 3-card spread.

Decks I would recommend:

Angel Tarot Cards (Radleigh Valentine)