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Learn how to do your own angel card reading at home! It doesn’t take special powers, it’s all about listening to the guidance on the cards, then going into your heart to listen to the guidance of God and the angels through the power of your intuition.

Simple Steps to Do Your Own Angel Card Reading

1. Set the Space for the Reading

Find a quiet, comfortable area where you can clear your mind.

Bring yourself to a neutral place of calm.

Optional is to light a candle or bring some crystals that you are guided to bring. Place them where you are guided to place them. This is optional because sometimes you may be doing a reading for a “non-emergency” situation, but sometimes you may be knee-deep into an emotional situation and you need angel guidance ASAP.

Even if you are crying or upset at the time, it is important to focus on the reading and staying neutral about the advice you might receive.  Crying is OK because it’s breaking up stuck energy and you are feeling this emotion for an important reason…to TRANSMUTE and RELEASE. Let it out!!

2. Invite Your Angels to Connect with You

Regardless of what is going on around you, begin to quiet your mind.

You can say aloud, or just think in your mind while focusing on the heart:

Thank you angels for surrounding me now in the glowing white light of love and protection.  Help me to clear my mind of worries so I can receive the Divine guidance that is in my highest good to receive at this time. Thank you God. It is Done. Bless Love. (keep saying bless love until you feel guided to stop)

This is just a suggestion. Don’t worry if you don’t remember these words.  By using your INTENTION, you can think or say whatever comes to you from your heart and the angels understand your intention.

There is no perfect invocation or words to say to ask the angels to help. In times of need sometimes we feel so broken that all we can say is HELP!!!

Just find a way that works with you that allows you to connect with the angelic frequency that is within you always. Pay attention to how you feel and you will know when you feel more peace and calm that the angels are near.

3. Clearly decide what you want guidance on

If you are unclear with your question, how can you expect a clear answer?

Having no question and just leaving it up to the angels to give you guidance that you need IS a clear question, though!!  If you just want general guidance, make your intention something like this:

“Angels, what is it in my highest good to know RIGHT NOW?”

If you have a specific question, situation, etc that you want to inquire about and you are CLEAR on what you are asking, then think of that situation.  Your angels hear your thoughts and you don’t have to say anything out loud.

Don’t make it an yes or no question, but more focus on the situation and give it to God and the angels.

4. Shuffle Your Cards

Clear your deck by blowing on it, “knocking on it” or whatever feels right to you. It’s the intention that matters. Intend to clear the deck of any residual energy from anyone else touching your deck and from your previous readings.

Focus on love and gratitude as you shuffle the cards. Don’t let your mind sway to your “wants” about what the reading advice will be. Stay neutral.

5. Choose a Card

Keep shuffling and as you feel ready, pull whatever cards you are guided to pull. The angels will guide you to the right cards no matter what you do. Grab from the top of the deck, or bottom, or middle.  Some might stick out to you or even “fly” out of the deck. Pay special attention to those flying cards!

6. Trust YOUR Intuition

This is the most important part! When you read the messages you receive, the angels will give you clues so you know they are speaking to you! You will have ideas, memories, inspirations…you may even have a situation that had been cloudy for a while but suddenly makes perfect sense.

7. Have your own Deck? Read More Info from the Guidebook

Any angel card decks will have a booklet that comes along that you can read to get clues and general insight about each card.  Sometimes you don’t even have to read any books because your intuition points you right to what the angels are talking about just by you seeing a phrase or number or picture.

If you do read from the book, take into account that depending on the intention of the card, placement, etc the guidebook is just giving you clues on what certain cards mean, but you must TRUST YOURSELF with the guidance you receive.

8. Try Different Reading Spreads

There are different ways you can draw cards.  You can draw one card, three cards, or however many cards you want.  It’s just important to have intention for each card you’re drawing. There are a lot of different spread ideas or you can come up with your own. I can’t say it enough that it’s all about your INTENTION!

Click here to check out my page about different spreads you can try at home.


Please contact me if you are too close to a situation and you need a full Angel Intuitive Session.

The angels will help guide you through so you can discover the answers WITHIN yourself.

In these sessions, I do not predict the future. I give current guidance IN THE NOW using the I AM FREQUENCY.  This is to assist you in tapping into YOUR ANGELS.

The angels guide me to give you additional information that I don’t always understand. Then you take that information and use it along with your own divine guidance.