Hello, my name is Courtney. I have always felt very connected to the Angels and Spirits. As a child, I had multiple experiences with Angels saving my life, that I did not understand until I was an adult. I grew up in a religious household, but as the years have gone by I have developed my own Spiritual Path that has led me to help others connect with the Angels too.

I began using angel oracle cards for myself during some trials and tribulations years ago.  I needed guidance and peace. I started using them and after a while I was frequently relying on the cards for answers about life, love, family, career, everything else I could think of.  I was asking God, my Angels, Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters, and Elementals for clues of what to do next.

Using these oracle cards and working with trusted Facilitators of Healing, I was able to learn so much about letting my intuition be my guide.  I spent a handful of years learning about myself and starting my journey of transformation.

My next step I was guided towards was sharing this tool with others.  As a natural-born leader and teacher, I knew that I had to share this gift of reading the cards with my friends and family.  I took classes to officially get my Certified Angel Reader certificate! I was so excited to utilize this to assist others in their own healing.

Over the years, it became so much more than just Angel card readings. My sessions now use a variety of “tools” to show you the path to your TRUE SELF! The best part is that the answers are all WITHIN YOU!

I am not a “healer”. I help you tap into the possibilities of you through a High-Frequency Angelic Energy pulsating within you right now!

My intention for this website and offering these Angelic Sessions to the public is to spread the love of Angels and to allow others to receive Divine Guidance in a gentle way.  Angels are non-denominational, they are always there waiting to assist.  The most important thing is that you have to ASK for their help so they do not interfere with your Free Will Choices.

Working with High Frequency, Angelic energy does not mean you will always hear the answer that you wish or expect. All of the Angels/Guides/Elementals/Ascended Masters and other Divine energies that are assisting us, are only providing the answers that are in your highest good to receive.  I pray before and during each session that the Angelic beings surround the reading and guide the cards to tell you what you need to know.  I stay neutral with my thoughts and let the Angels show you clues that will in turn allow your personal intuition to receive the answers you seek.

I treat everyone’s questions as if they are my own and in complete confidentiality. I clear the deck of any residual energy before each reading for a fresh perspective into your situation.

Looking for guidance? Are you losing hope and need answers? Unsure of what the next steps are? Looking for love or wondering if you are in the right relationship? Is your career for you or do you have another life purpose? Contact me today, and I will give you an honest, accurate reading full of love!

I’m looking forward to connecting you with your Angels!

Love and Blessings,