Does your home, space, workplace, or property need an Angelic clearing?

Every home or property contains emotional imprints and energy. For example, a home could carry the energy imprint of all previous occupants. Especially if someone died in the home or apartment at one time. You may feel uncomfortable in one particular room of the house, or maybe someone has mentioned a “weird” feeling at your place before.

Maybe you have noticed that restaurant property up the street that just seems to be changing every couple years, or that beautiful house up the street that just will not sell no matter what they owners do.

Have you ever had a house guest and your home just didn’t feel right once they left? Well, you were experiencing the energetic imprint left behind by your guests. Guess what? You can clear your home so that it only contains the energy of you and those who you choose to bring into your “safe zone”!

People that are full of light energy can sometimes attract darker pockets of energy that just need to be guided to the Light.   Sometimes the energy is not ready to go, but then all of a sudden it’s time for it to move!  It’s at that time the energy will increase and those with sensitivities will feel the effects of the increasing energy!

If you are in the habit of collecting used items, artifacts, antiques, stones, or crystals.  Even if you found an item in the woods, or got it at a garage sale, it could carry some unwanted energy.  Good news is you can clear the residual energy from these objects using your heart and intention.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Electrical Disturbances
  • An increase in negative emotions
  • Sudden changes in eating, drinking, sleeping patterns
  • Physical pain with no medical findings that does not respond to treatment
  • Loss of energy, sudden decrease in physical energy
  • Fainting spells
  • Sudden onset of alcohol or drug abuse by someone in the home
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • A string of bad luck
  • Hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling things that can’t be explained
  • Appliance and machines breaking down at the same time
  • Seeing ghosts, shadows, etc
  • Repetitive nightmares
  • Other unexplained occurrences

These are Clear Signs that Energy Needs to Shift

More often than not, the energy will start to move once you are aware of it’s presence. Once you become aware of something it has to move! And nothing can change, until something moves! Stand in your I AM and kindly ask the energy to move.  Ask that all beings–and anything that is not of the Purest, White Light–leave the property, home, office, or space immediately. Ask that they are guided to the Light and surrounded with Unconditional Love. Also ask that any residue that is left in the home is transmuted into Unconditional Love.

There are other things you can do to get the energy to Start Shifting

Since dense, lower energies cannot thrive in a high-frequency environment, it is important to keep your “vibe” high and keep your awareness levels tuned up.  Energy influences often are noticed because they can affect you on an emotional level.

These energies need to be moved to the Divine Light, and most of the time they have come to you for assistance.  This is nothing to fear! Most energies are not harmful.  Some of the strongest ones are those that are being ignored.  Bringing this into awareness is already changing something.  Here are a few things you can try right away.

  • Imagine yourself, your family, friends, coworkers, pets, places, cities, and basically everything surrounded by a glowing Light of Love. The light starts in your heart, glowing and expanding to include the Entire Universe!
  • Essential Oils are an excellent way to keep your frequency high.  Young Living Essential Oils are the purest and have the highest frequency of any oils.  Oils such as Frankincense, Lavender, Rose, and Blue Cypress are exceptional at clearing out residual energy and raising your vibration.  If you want to learn how to get your hands on these amazing essential oils, please ask me.
  • Taking a bath with Epsom salts or Sea Salts. You can even use an essential oil of choice with the salts.  This will help to cleanse your energy field.
  • Burn sage or incense, and waft the smoke around yourself.  Go to every nook and cranny in the home or space and let the smoke from the incense reach everywhere.  Set your intention that you are removing and blessing the energy, and replacing it with unconditional love.
  • Surround yourself with Cobalt Blue, or any other color that you are guided to.
  • Anything else that comes to your awareness that you feel would “lift” the vibration.

How can a home clearing or blessing make your life better?

An Angelic Blessing & Clearing Session will release negative energy from your living space, workplace, or property. By removing unwanted and unintended energy from your space, you create mental and emotional balance. A mental state of well-being, lightness, and clarity follow. Thus allowing a home or business to feel much more peaceful and calm.

Once stale negative vibration energy is cleared and replaced with high-frequency energy, you can feel the invigorating energy in your home or office fill with positive life affirming energy. Home clearing and blessing bring happiness and contentment. The result is clarity of vision and peace of mind. The clearing reestablishes a feeling of protection and safety to your surroundings.

When Should You Contact a Professional?

If you have tried all of the steps above, but the energy still feels “funky” and just not 100%, you should schedule an Angelic Blessing & Clearing Session with Courtney

Extreme cases may require travel to the location, but most sessions can be performed remotely.  Travel fees apply if home must be seen in person.

When you submit a request for a space clearing, you will fill out a list of rooms in your space and/or send photos if you want me to really read a certain room or area within a specific room.  READY FOR YOUR CLEARING NOW? CLICK HERE!

After years of clearing out spaces for myself and others, I have learned to integrate multiple modalities to assist in the process.  I use some or all of the following:

  • I ALWAYS call on God and the Angels, my “I AM” team and any other Heavenly beings that are in the Highest Realms to surround me and the property with a White Light of Protection during all sessions.
  • Archangel Michael and his legion of Angels work closely with me at all times to safely escort negative energy away with love and compassion.
  • Essential Oils are crucial and help to keep me high-frequency and focused on the session.  I always recommend that clients also use essential oils before, during and after the session.
  • Dowsing/Divining tools are used to “read” the energy and give you an idea of where the energy is focused, why it is there, and how you can clear it.
  • Angel Cards are used in certain situations to give clues and provide insight.
  • I seal all windows, doors, and any other “entrances” with Golden, purifying light, so that anyone or anything that goes through them will be blessed and transformed. Any negative, residual energy after the session will be dissolved upon entering the space.
  • Anything else that my intuitions guides me to say or do, depending on each unique situation.

What Can You Expect After a Session?

Whether blessing a house or facilitating in the shift of energy, you will feel an energy shift.  Notice what you notice in the upcoming days after the session. I always want to schedule a follow-up chat or email to go over how things have changed and improved.  Instructions for follow through and maintenance work is always provided to help you keep the highest vibration that your house/home can hold.  I go over each room, what I found, and how you can continue to keep the energy clear in that space.

Once the energy is gone, move on and bless the experience. Energy can return if you focus upon it.  Let it go into Love and Light!

Home For Sale & Business Space Clearings

Is your home on the market and not selling?

Realtors and homeowners have employed my services when they can’t seem to “move” a house. The house shows great and priced right for the market. However, it sits on the market unsold.

I have had great success in cleansing the home of dark, discordant, stuck, and unwanted energies. Thus allowing the “spirit” of the house to cooperate with the sale and welcome the new owners.

Can a Blessing and Clearing Help Sell My Home?

There is an immediate energy shift, and the house seems to come alive as if it has taken a refreshing shower.

The property that a building sits on also carries the consciousness of the builders, previous owners, and occupants retaining vibrations of traumatic events. Additionally, ley lines, vortexes and energy portals affect land. The area surrounding your home carries the vibration of your living space and the energy of everything that has happened around it. Phew! That is a lot of energy! The good news – the energy will be healed!

It is very common to discover indications of deceased owners wandering the land claiming it is rightfully theirs. Are you a homeowner or Realtor, and you are sitting on a sluggish property? You can benefit from having the energetic imprint of previous owners or occupants removed.

Upon clearing a property, an agreed upon intention is installed to attract the precise buyer with desirable financing ensuring that the escrow concludes without obstacles. Of course, the plan is always to create a win/win situation for the highest good of everyone involved.

Business Clearings and Blessings Can Increase Production and Profits

Businesses offer the opportunity for numerous types of complex energies to exist. Do you operate a home based business or are a corporate titan? No matter, as all kinds of energy will find its way to your premises.

Does your business have a strong, clear intention and vision for success? If the answer is yes, congratulations!

However, your business can still be adversely affected by negative energy thought forms. As a matter of fact, all it takes is for one person acting from self-interest and not supporting the goals of the company to sabotage the business. Have you ever paid attention to how the energy of a workplace shifted to the positive after a negative energy emitting person either quit or was let go? With the detrimental energy eliminated the energetic structure of the business replaces the negative “void” with active – on goal and mission oriented energy.

Positive business energy increases growth and cancels out negative energy thoughtforms, Additionally, as the company goes through the normal growth cycles, employees who are resistant to change can bring about the negative thought forms. Breaking down and clearing out this newly created negative energy increases the business opportunity for success.

Every business has competition. If your competitors are jealous of your success, they can sabotage your business efforts energetically. To put it another way, instead of implementing positive changes to grow their individual businesses, their negative intentions can result in destructive energy being “sent” to your business. All of this energy can be removed and replaced with energetic boundaries of positive intent and astounding success.