Welcome to Harmonious Angels!

Hello, my name is Courtney. I have always felt very connected to the Angels and Spirits. I had multiple experiences with Angels saving my life, that I did not understand until I was an adult. I grew up in a religious household, but as the years have gone by I have developed my own Spiritual Path that has led me to help others connect with the Angels too.

I began using angel cards for myself during some trials and tribulations years ago.  I frequently relied on the cards for answers. Life, love, family, career, everything else I could think of.  I started asking God, my Angels, Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters, and Elementals for clues of what to do next.

My intention for this website and offering Readings to the public is to spread the love of Angels and to allow others to receive Divine Guidance in a gentle way.  Angels are non-denominational, they are always there waiting to assist.  The most important thing is that you have to ASK for their help so they do not interfere with your Free Will Choices.

Looking for guidance? Are you losing hope and need answers? Unsure of what the next steps are? Looking for love or wondering if you are in the right relationship? Is your career for you or do you have another life purpose? Contact me today, and I will give you an honest, accurate reading full of love!

I am also offering Angelic Space Blessings for your home, workplace, property, or space.  Transmute residual energy into unconditional love for all of humanity!

I’m looking forward to connecting you with your Angels!

Love and Blessings,